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Free GIS Data Sources

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GIS data is scattered all across the internet. These are a couple of our favorite free GIS data sources.



There is no better resource for free raster datasets then EarthExplorer. In the United States, they offer up to 1-meter resolution NAIP data. For other parts of the globe you can find up to 15-meter resolution LandSat data. They provide elevation datasets from ASTER and SRTM. There is also Spaceborne Imaging Radar (SIR) and MODIS data. While high-resolution raster datasets are harder to come by in the open-data world when compared to vector datasets, EarthExplorer and the USGS are serving up the best the United States has to offer.


ESRI Open Data

ESRI has their own open data library. You can search a growing list of over 115,000 datasets by topic or area and load them into ArcGIS online. Direct downloads are available in KML, shapefile and spreadsheet formats as well as through APIs. You can also share you own data back into the open data community.



OpenStreetMap, better known as OSM, is an amalgamation of vector data from users around the world. Contributors range from individuals to third party organizations. All with the goal of providing accurate and up-to-date global data. OSM has a wiki on how to download their entire dataset as well as subsets. There are third-party websites that provide tools for data extraction as well. OSM is crowd-sourcing at its finest, bringing mapping data to people who need it the most by leveraging a global pool of users and contributors.


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