All Map Mavin Features - Explained By Subscription Level


Check out our feature table below to see what Map Mavin can do for you!

Using Web Maps
Run manual PostgreSQL 9.6 and PostGIS 2.3.4 queries
Collaborate in real-time using Screen Share with a chat function
Edit layers’ shapes, positions and attributes
Change basemaps including 50-cm DigitalGlobe satellite imagery
Use our SQL wizard to create complex attribute selections
Measure single line and path distances
Search for locations with a gazetteer
Zoom to layer or initial map extent
View attribute tables and zoom to selected layer
Select by location
Download selected features
Download map layers
Pan, zoom and tilt map views
Zoom to your current location
Save multiple map views including your markups, labels, layer state and zoom
Add temporary markups to the map including text, points, lines and polygons
Add new features to blank layers for field data collection
Access your Admin panel with a click
Vector tile rendering for sleek transitions and prettier maps
Access cloud storage for your layers0 GB5GB20GB
Add, create, delete and modify spatial layers and folders-
Upload shapefile, GeoTIFF, KML, KMZ and GeoJSON format-
Upload layers from ArcGIS automatically with free plugin-
Upload geodatabases, including attachments, from ArcGIS plugin-
Create new (blank) layers for field data collection-
Integrate WMS, TMS and XYZ layers-
Download spatial layers in shapefile, KMZ, CSV, GeoTIFF or GeoJSON format-
Upload a variety of projections and datums-
Bulk uploads-
Replace or append existing data layers while maintaining styles-
Asynchronous (background) processing-
Add, modify and delete features, attributes and columns-
Customize point clusters for quicker viewing on web maps-
Choose from a point icon library-
Label and modify features-
Conditional formatting-
Choropleth mapping-
Point heat and density mapping-
3D fill extrusion mapping-
Customizable legend-
Free ArcGIS-to-Map Mavin Plugin
Upload layers from ArcGIS automatically
Upload geodatabases, including attachments
Upload layers to an existing folder
Maintain layer colors on upload
Append data to existing layer(s)
Replace a layer while maintaining its current style
Create web maps automatically
Data Library
Add free data from a library of tens of thousands of layers-
Download free layers in GeoJSON format
Search free layers by description and location
Create Maps
Create, modify and delete an unlimited number of web maps-
Add an unlimited number of layers to a web map-
Create web maps from ArcGIS automatically with free plugin-
Set a web map’s access as public or private-
Share a private map with a URL and password-
Assign map permissions per Map Viewer with read-only or editable layers-
Share your web maps with an unlimited number of Map Viewers-
Create map galleries-
Set an expiration date for Map Viewers’ access to a web map-
Access HTML code to embed your web maps on any web site-
Select from multiple basemaps-
Manage your Map Viewers in a simplified interface-
Share your maps with an unlimited number of Map Viewers-
Set an expiration date for Map Viewers’ access to private maps-
Set a Map Viewers’ layer permissions as read-only or edit-
One-click email invitation to web maps-
API/Developer Tools
Access to XYZ vector tile basemap in MVT format--
Use your data layers as web tile services in vector and raster format (i.e. WMS/TMS)--
Static maps/print server API access--
Download your data layers through our API in GeoJSON format--
Usage, Billing and Profile
Track data storage in real time-
Display and sort each layer by file size-
Change between paid Admin plans and the free Map Viewer plan instantly with no long-term commitments
Update credit card information-
Edit password, username and company name
Block our support team from accessing your account for added security-


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Map Mavin allows users to make effective maps quickly online and without the need for a desktop program. These maps can be shared live with other users across the globe, bringing a new degree of collaboration to online mapping and opening a whole new realm of potential opportunities to work with spatial data in real time.


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