Map Mavin Map Example - The American Opioid Epidemic

The American Opioid Epidemic

The escalating American opioid epidemic has its roots in the 1990s with the Health Resources and Services Administration recently reporting that, “116 people a day die from opioid-related drug overdoses.” This devastating epidemic is the result of several interrelated issues that have culminated in a problem so serious it has reduced overall U.S. life expectancy. The ease with which powerful narcotics are attained is primarily due to the pharmaceutical industry and their (false) reassurances to the medical community of their non-addictive properties. Overprescribing medication to patients or simply prescribing patients with unneeded medications results in new opioid addicts every day. This interactive web map allows users to assess the gravity of the situation by visualizing the number of hospitalizations and overdose-related deaths in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area as well as the plethora of treatment centers for addiction.


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