Some Examples Of Live Map Mavin Embedded Maps


You can create, share and even embed web maps just like the samples below.

The American Opioid Epidemic

The U.S. is plagued by an opioid epidemic so grave it has affected our life expectancy. This map of the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area shows how serious the problem is, particularly as you get closer to the inner city.

The American Opioid Epidemic - Part II

This map visualizes the current opioid epidemic that is destroying many American lives. In this map, you will see where more Americans are dying, how many prescriptions are being written and economic status.

Contours As Art

This map showcases our color ramp feature that is integrated with the choropleth symbology tab. A blue-green color ramp has been applied to a contour digital elevation model (DEM) for College Station, Texas, USA.

Washington, D.C. Crime

This map of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., compares the locations of crime incidents and recorded gun shotsto median income in order to visualize the relationship between crime and economic status.

2013 City of Boulder Flood Map

In 2013 our hometown of Boulder, Colorado was hit with one of the worst floods in the last hundred years. This map shows the widespread flooding that caused significant damage – some of which can still be seen today.

2008 Presidential Voter Turnout

In 2008 we watched an epic U.S. election battle between Obama and McCain. The web map here has multiple layers that show the distribution of Democratic and Republican votes throughout Colorado.

Vancouver Olympics

If we’re going to make a demo, then why not use one of our favorite cities? Here we take a look at the many layers that went into planning the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Hurricane Michael’s Path of Destruction

On Oct. 10, 2018, the United States was hit by the strongest hurricane it has seen in 50 years – Hurricane Michael. According to USGS, as much as 75% of the beaches in the Florida Panhandle were eroded by Michael’s surge.

A Decade of Growth in Buenos Aires

Around the globe urban growth often takes place around transit lines. A quick look at this map over Buenos Aires will show just how striking this relationship can be!

NYC Wi-Fi Hotspots

In the public transit capital of the world, various modes of transportation converge to form a thick web of bike lines, subway lines, city streets and more. This example shows you a representation of the intersections.

Los Angeles County Fire History

Los Angeles and the surrounding area seem to be on fire every year. This map shows just how many fires have blazed through the city and surrounding communities.

Beautiful Attractions In Paris

The City of Love is overflowing with sights to see and croissants to eat. Centuries of architectural design has filled the city with attractions, see all this historic city has to offer.


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