Timed Access for Proprietary Spatial Data | A Map Mavin Case Study



Protecting your data and enforcing license terms can feel like an impossible task. In this case study, we show you how to set expirations dates for your maps and control permissions.


So you have maps. Maybe you have many maps or a handful you’ve put your time and effort into creating and now you need a way to get them to your users for a specific period of time. This is the case for one of our clients who spent years collecting and digitizing geological data in Latin and South America. The process is laborious and time-consuming, resulting in hundreds of layers, each with hundreds to thousands of data points and attributes. That sounds like the hard part, right? Instead, our client struggled with selling the information to users and enforcing the license terms.
Users purchased specific layers for a certain length of time, but there was no way to ensure the user destroyed the map after the license expired. So our client uses Map Mavin’s built-in expiration date to restrict their users’ access to the map.

“Controlling who has access to your maps and for how long gives our clients complete control over their data.”


After uploading all the layers and creating a map, Admin users can share the web map with their client by entering their email address in the permissions section of the Map Editor. After saving the map, the Admin clicks on the Permissions tab at the top then selects the user from the list. Once selected, the Admin can see all the maps shared with that particular user. Next to the name of each map is the option to set an expiration date. When that date has passed, the user will no longer see the web map in their Maps tab.

Our client was able to upload all their layers to Map Mavin, creating an endless combination of maps catered to each of their users. Once the maps are styled and ready to go, they then easily shared the maps with each user and set the expiration date. In just a few minutes our client was able to share maps with their clients and protect their assets at the same time.

Controlling who has access to your maps and for how long gives our clients complete control over their data. Admins no longer have to worry if their maps are passed to unauthorized users or used for longer than the agreed terms. This is also a great way to send sample maps, giving potential clients a sneak peak at your data for a limited time. Instead of uploading large datasets and sending them to users who may not have a GIS, you can send an easy-to-view map with a few clicks. Why make selling your data harder than it needs to be? With Map Mavin you have power and ownership over your data.


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