A Map Mavin Case Study -- Independent Engineering Companies -- SMB


Independent Engineering Companies

In this case study, we look at how to simplify the challenges faced by many independent engineering firms while providing the best mapping services for your clients.


Small to medium-size companies face challenges that require ingenuity and a high degree of flexibility. No two customers are the same and neither are their expertise. Many companies that work in the world of surveying and land use are small organizations who have inside knowledge of local projects and the experience to take on any size task.

Planning plays a big role for small engineering and surveying companies. Their customers, however, may not have the experience or infrastructure to consume the planning and development information collected by the companies they hire. For example, if an engineering company is hired to assess flood risk they can pull from a wealth of publicly available data on flood plains, building locations, planning permissions and parcel data. After their assessment of high-risk areas for new or existing buildings, they can overlay the new data or add it to an existing layer.

“Companies that rely on contracts and long-term working relationships with their clients find that ease of use is paramount in keeping them happy and coming back for more.”


This is another day at the job for engineering companies, but now they need to get this map to their clients. After creating and editing their spatial layers in ArcGIS, they can use the ArcGIS-to-Map Mavin plugin to export these layers and their symbology directly into their Map Mavin account; and it even automatically creates a new web map from these layers.

All that’s left is getting the new map to their clients. Many services require that all users pay for a software license, adding complexity and cost to a project. With Map Mavin, the engineering company can share data by quickly adding the email addresses of their clients and then the system will send them an email invitation to view the map. With one click and no cost to the client, they can view not only the data they paid for, but other rich spatial layers that lend more understanding to their projects.

For companies that collect aerial or satellite imagery, these datasets can be uploaded and added to the map. Users can also select free DigitalGlobe satellite imagery as a basemap.

Companies that rely on contracts and long-term working relationships with their clients find that ease of use is paramount in keeping them happy and coming back for more. Small to medium-size companies find that Map Mavin is an ideal solution for sharing and collaborating with their customers.


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Map Mavin allows users to make effective maps quickly online and without the need for a desktop program. These maps can be shared live with other users across the globe, bringing a new degree of collaboration to online mapping and opening a whole new realm of potential opportunities to work with spatial data in real time.


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