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Take a look at these case studies to understand how Map Mavin can solve real-life problems.

Small Local Governments

Small government organizations don’t have access to the same recourses as their larger counterparts. In this case study GIS administrators use Map Mavin to work with people in the field without expensive enterprise software.

Independent Engineering Companies

Small to medium-size companies face challenges that require ingenuity and a high degree of flexibility. In this case study, we look at how to simplify these challenges and provide the best mapping services for your clients.

Malaria Spray Program

In this case study, we look at how a Peace Corps health team could use Map Mavin to more effectively implement a spray campaign for the prevention of malaria in a tropical setting.

Fire Management & Mitigation

In this case study, we look at how Boulder County fire officials could use Map Mavin to better manage and mitigate the consequences of forest fires for their residents.

School Choices In Chicago

In this case study, we will look at how a real estate professional could show clients the different schooling options in a particular neighborhood to make better-informed decision about their home purchase.

Selecting Vacation Location - Yellowstone

In this case study, we will show how easy it is to plan a vacation despite being geographically distant from the other travelers. Map Mavin can make renunion planning easy!

Timed Access For Proprietary GIS Data

Protecting your data and enforcing license terms can feel like an impossible task. In this case study, we show you how to set expirations dates for your maps and control permissions.

Introduction To GIS For Colleges

Introducing GIS to students can be tricky business. In this case study, we show how schools can introduce students to the power of GIS with simplicity and at a cost-effective price.


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Map Mavin allows users to make effective maps quickly online and without the need for a desktop program. These maps can be shared live with other users across the globe, bringing a new degree of collaboration to online mapping and opening a whole new realm of potential opportunities to work with spatial data in real time.


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