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With a Master’s Degree in Geography, Brock has directed teams of geospatial sales and production professionals in addition to working with managers, academics and map-users. Brock was mystified when he realized that only one person in a company of 100 knew how to make a web map, while 85 needed to use one. So, he set out to create a GIS for the masses with Katie. Known as Map Mavin’s official “Map Wizard,” Brock loves biking, yoga and going to farmer’s markets.

Ask Brock -- How would you use Map Mavin in your personal life?
For fun, I would plot all the yoga studios in Boulder to maximize the number of classes I could take in a day, based on my ability to bike to them at a certain speed. I’d also plot the safest places where people could lock their bikes up, and let people know about hazardous biking areas.


It was love at first remote sensing course for Katie. With a geography degree from the University of Colorado in hand and a passion for satellite imagery, Katie landed a job at DigitalGlobe and met Brock. Now Map Mavin’s official “Geospatial Ninja,” Katie has a diverse professional background working with leading geospatial firms from all corners of the globe. She still remembers printing out Mapquest maps ten years ago, and is passionate about animals, nature, hiking — and awful architecture, according to Brock.

Ask Katie -- How would you use Map Mavin in your personal life?

I could map all of the places I’ve run after dogs! I find stray animals everywhere, but I’ve had little success in catching them. I’d probably plot the quickest route to Boulder from my house, or how many miles I’ve driven in my entire life. I’d also like to create a map to help people see which hiking trails are closed.


Like most of the Apollo team, Maddie attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science. In the past, she worked as the lead dev for AutoTag reporting software and she’s done dev for telemarketing software, among other coding endeavors.

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What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I run, occasionally hike, write code for useless open source projects, solder together random electrical projects, play video games and waste time reading Wikipedia articles on obscure topics.

What’s your role in the development of Map Mavin?

I write code for all parts of Map Mavin and crumble to the bizarre UI demands of my overlords, Brock and Katie.

How would you use Map Mavin in your personal life?

As a runner and hiker, I’d love to share my routes with friends on a live web map!


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