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You own your data — not us. And when you create a web map with Map Mavin, you have global access to it. With our secure Amazon S3 data storage, you literally have nothing to lose.


Our easy-to-navigate web interface makes working with your data simple and seamless. Upload your spatial layers, and create as many web maps as you like — with no restrictions.


Sick of wasting time emailing with coworkers? Harness the energy of your entire team with Map Mavin’s unparalleled real-time screen sharing and messaging.

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We’re committed to designing top-quality map-making software accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re focused on producing a full-featured product at an affordable price by offering a simple monthly service with no contracts or hidden charges.

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Creating and sharing a map is one thing, but with Map Mavin, your whole team can collaborate and connect in real time. With Screen Share, you can chat with your team or lead a meeting from anywhere in the world.

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